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Crayola Neon Washable Paint 6 Pack

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Crayola Neon Washable Paint 6 Pack

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Product OverviewCrayola Neon Washable Paint 6 Pack
Crayola Washable Neon Paint. Add a vibrant look to your creative masterpieces! Crayola washable kids paint is a nontoxic, water-based paint that is great for art, crafts and school projects. Decorate book covers, signs or posters. Use various brushes, stamps or sponges to create interesting patterns and designs. This package contains six 2 ounce bottles in metallic colors.
  • Contents: 6 Neon Washable Paints
  • Washability you can trust, it won't stain skin and clothing
  • Can be used with brushes, stamps or sponges
  • Ideal for adding dazzle to artwork